Ian and Mickey + Social Media - Instagram (2/?) 

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okay so I’m trying to roleplay on omegle but it’s only letting the out of character messages through and it SOMEHOW SEEMS TO KNOW WHEN A MESSAGE IS IN CHARACTER BECAUSE IT DOESN’T GO THROUGH???? So basically it’s only letting us chat, not roleplay. This has only happened to me once before and we quickly found out this is the same person, so we met twice and this thing happened

So what the actual fuck is going on

I’m so confused and 1000% convinced this is sorcery

If you see this, roleplay parter, this is me

And if you don’t believe me this is what’s happening


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remember when you lost your shit and drove the car into the garden? you got out and said i’m sorry to the vines and no one saw it. i need my boy. i need my boy.

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I want normal people problems

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I really need a responsible adult present.

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@noelfisher: Mickey had a rough day.

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shameless challenge -> favorite season

season 4 

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Ian Gallagher + Season 2

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